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Privacy Policy



At Keyholding we value your Personal Information. This Privacy Policy will tell you how and where we use your personal information as when you are using Keyholding services or Keyholding website and how we make sure it is kept safe. It does not, in any case, describe information collection policies on other websites, including those linked to or from the Keyholding website.


Our priority is the safe and legal processing of this data and your complete and transparent information. To that aim:

  • We make sure that we have appropriate security measures in place.

  • We will respect your privacy. You will receive marketing emails only from us and only if we have your consent.

  • When asking for your personal information we will inform you why we are collecting them, for how long we are going to use them, and we will make sure it will be used only for the completion of the purpose it has been collected. 

  • The amount of information collected and used would be the minimum possible to deliver the services you have requested. 

Is the processing of my data mandatory?


It depends. It usually is mandatory when your data is necessary in order to provide you with our services, to fulfill a contract, to cooperate in achieving our goals, or to comply with legal requirements

It becomes optional when we ask for your data in order to improve our services or to provide you with additional services, without affecting the basic purposes of processing.


In both cases, we will inform you whether processing your data is mandatory or optional. When optional, we will make sure to ask your explicit consent to the relevant processing operation


When do you collect my data?


We collect personal data at the following times:

  • When you contact us through our website or our email. Information gather when sending an email or when filling out the contact form will not be used for marketing, unless we have your explicit consent

  • To deliver the services you have requested, such as: key registration, monitoring of your security system, service and maintenance of your security system, keyholding and alarm response

  • When you are using our website, through cookies. The installation of cookies is done with your consent, but some categories of cookies are absolutely necessary for browsing our website. We use cookies to ensure security, prevent fraud and debug. Depending on your consent, data gathered through cookies may be used for i) personalized ads and content, ii) ad and content measurement, iii) audience insights and product development or iv) technically deliver ads or content. For more information see the relative Cookie Policy


What are the categories of data that you process?


The data Keyholding collects and processes (stores etc.) may include but is not limited to the following categories


Identification and contact details (eg. Passport number, email address, phone)

Full name

Other details about you that you or others may provide to us (such as account number, house address etc)


What is the legal basis of the process of my data?


To provide you with our services, we process your data under Contract. When our services are not bound with a Contract, we will make sure that any processing will happen under your explicit consent.


To send you a newsletter, based on your explicit consent.


To ensure that you receive content relevant to our site using cookies. In this case, the legal basis for processing is your explicit consent.


In any case, the data we collect is absolutely necessary to fulfill the above processing purposes. We will ensure that it is easy for you to opt-out of unwanted processing, providing it does not conflict with our ability to provide you with the service you have requested. 


How do you safeguard my data?


Keyholding will take any appropriate technical and security measures to protect your data held by us. However, as the internet is not a secure space, we encourage you to use caution when using it.


Where do you keep my data and for how long?


Keyholding stores your data in the EU. Our server is based in the EU and our physical and digital records are kept in Greece, both functioning within Greek and EU jurisdiction. If you live outside the EU, you understand and agree that we will transfer your information to the EU and/or Greece.


As we collect data for a range of purposes, we do not have a singularly defined retention period. For each type of service, we define a carefully assessed timeframe within which we retain your data. In general, we keep personal information as long as it is necessary or relevant for the practices described in this Policy. For example, we will not keep any digital record of your inquiries, transmitted to us via email, for more than 5 months. Yet, due to legislative obligations, we keep details of any financial transactions for up to 5 years. Data may be held for a longer period of time as required by law, internal compliance or record-keeping purposes. After the set time has passed, we ensure that your data is erased from our system or minimised and retained for legal reasons. 


Who do you share data with?


Your privacy is of extreme importance to us. Hence, valuing customer confidentiality, we will not sell or share your information at any time with anyone else for marketing purposes. Any other organizations that may access your information in the course of providing services on our behalf, defined as processors, will only be provided with the information necessary to perform the services on our behalf, but are not authorized to use this information for any other purpose. Processors will be subject to strict contractual restrictions, to ensure that appropriate technical and organizational measures are implied in a way that the processing of your data meets the requirements of data protection legislation and your rights are ensured.


What are my rights on my Data?


Under current privacy legislation you have the right to access, update/rectify, transfer, erase or restrict access to or process of your personal data. Please be informed that your rights may be subject to limitations, mainly concerning categories of data that we need to retain due to the contract or legal obligations.


If you have any questions about the way we use your data or about our privacy policy please contact us at If you believe that your data has been breached or that we are misusing your data you can contact the Hellenic Data Protection Authority (


Is your privacy policy revised?


Our privacy policy may be revised from time to time without previous notice. Revised terms become effective on the first date that you access or use the Website or our Services after the updated Privacy Policy has been posted. Yet, we will make sure to inform you of any significant change in this policy. Still, we encourage you to periodically check the Privacy Policy for any such modifications or revisions. 




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